In accordance with the principle of “time is money” we are specialize in express transportation shipments.

We offer cars tarpaulin Renault Master with size of box:

  • Length – 4.20 m
  • Width – 2.20 m
  • Adjustable height – 2.25 m to 2.50 m
  • Load capacity – up to 1.5 T

Our range of services covers the whole territory of Europe. We specialize in the transport routes of the National and the European Union. Thanks to a specially equipped cars and the drivers with the right skills we also offer You ADR transports of hazardous materials. Guarantee of the high quality of services our customers will receive thanks to precisely and professionally trained and recruited drivers and forwarder.

We deliver cargos always to the indicated adress and always on time.
In order to provide even greater reliability we work in collaboration with several other carriers using the same GPS system. The advantage of such a cooperation is a continuous overview and access to more than 50 cars in the whole of Europe, which, through GPS application can be tracked 24 hours a day.
An  eventual malfunction of the car is not scary for us because there is always another car that can take over the cargo and deliver it on time to a specified address.

We offer favorable freight rates, which are under negotiation.
We look forward to your inquiries and suggestions.